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Who We Are


Mariposa, Amador, Calaveras & Tuolumne Health Board, Inc. operates multiple health care facilities in the four counties we serve. Services are available to all American Indians and their family members, as well as the general public in the community and are provided in an atmosphere that respects and supports American Indian traditions, values, and beliefs. Our clinics are specialized and allow patients to receive affordable care for most Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Optometry, and Chiropractic needs.

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Our Mission

The Primary Mission of the Mariposa, Amador, Calaveras & Tuolumne Health Board, Inc. is to improve the Health Status of the American Indian and Alaskan Native population. It is through a comprehensive HEALTH CARE SYSTEM, which is designed to Preserve and Promote the Traditional Well Being and Cultural Sensitivity of the Tribal Communities to whom we serve.



The Tuolumne Rural Indian Health Project (TRIHP) was established in 1969 by the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians to provide health services to Indians living at the Tuolumne Rancheria. In 1970, TRIHP participated in eight other autonomous Indian health projects and formed the California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc. (CRIHB). Soon after, it became apparent that other Indians living in surrounding areas needed access to these services as well. In 1971, Indians from neighboring Amador and Calaveras Counties petitioned the Tuolumne Tribal Council for health referral services. The Tuolumne Tribal council voted to provide health care assistance and a health worker for each county. The TRIHP was then renamed the Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne Health Board (A.C.T.). In 1972, dental care became available to Indians within the service area through a contract with a local dentist in a private practice. The following year, the Tuolumne Tribal Council, with assistance from IHS, began construction of a permanent dental clinic, which reached completion in 1974. Later that year, the American Indian Council of Mariposa county joined the program and it was officially renamed MACT (Mariposa, Amador, Calaveras Tuolumne) Health Board, Inc. MACT now has medical, dental, behavioral health, optometry, and chiropractic services available to patients in the counties of operation including American Indians and non-natives.


 Board Members
Justin Baugh - Chairman 
Nancy Ehlers 
Sue Tasso
George Gu

 Advisory Council 
Carolyn Sayers
Sam Baugh
Lois Martin
Hannah Castleberry

This practice serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income. For more information, ask the front desk or visit our website.

Thank you.

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