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We are happy to announce the opening of our newest clinic in Ione, CA.
Located at 305 Preston Ave, Ione, CA 95640
Next door to Ione Pharmacy

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Our Board of Directors would like to share their appreciation and thanks for allowing the work crew to come to San Andreas to construct the Roundhouse Ramada. The Roundhouse Ramada project was a vision that our Board has wanted to accomplish for many years.


Our San Andreas facilities are located on about 5 acres on the corner of Highway’s 12 and 49. The clinics were placed on the higher portion of the property, and a variety of indigenous plants were placed in the lower portion of the property. Honored Elders come to the area and gather materials for use in basket weaving and medicines. The Board wanted to construct an area where the Elders could gather during this process to take a rest break and socialize. The long term goal is to put in a road that would allow school children to visit, meet with Elders, watch the process, and learn more about the local Miwok culture. 


With your help, completing the construction of the Roundhouse Ramada is a giant step towards reaching our goals.

Posts are set for a solid foundation.
Making sure each and every support beam is level and bound securely.
Finally, a standing structure!
In the home-stretch of construction!
The beautiful Roundhouse Ramada is now complete. Stop by our San Andreas location and check it out!


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