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 Click Here for an overview of the Native American Services Program

The Native American Services Case Managers in our clinics function to explain available services to Native Americans and to assist in determining eligibility for PRC and Direct Care. The specialists assist PRC eligible patients with the PRC referral process. Coordinate Direct Care patient eligibility and policies. Ensure patients are receiving all eligible benefits. Assist patients in applying for benefits through Covered CA, including Medi-Cal. Work with the local social services department to ensure patients follow up on assisted applications. Assist eligible elders to receive services available through the elder program. Explain eligibility of services to Native American Diabetic Patients.


PRC – This program is available to Indians of California tribes. Proof of Indian eligibility is required as well as proof of residency. PRC is the payor of last resort and utilizing the Levels of Care offers additional services that are not available within MACT Health Board, Inc. clinics. Native American Patients are encouraged to consult with the Native American Services Specialist for determining eligibility and required verification. 

Diabetes Program – The mission of the Diabetic Program is to improve the health status of the American Indian/Alaskan Native population to the highest level through the reduction of the incidence and delay of onset of diabetes and its complications, thus enhancing the quality of life for the Native American families and individuals affected by diabetes. This is done through the provision of primary and preventive health services. Registered Dietitian consults and Patient Self- Management classes are available on a regular basis for Diabetic patients and their family.

Elder Program – Our Elder program was established to enhance medical, dental and support services to improve the quality of life of the Purchase/Referred Care (PRC) Native American Elders. This program is designed to assist after all alternate resources have been exhausted. Services include, but are not limited to, increasing safety in the home by providing heating/firewood, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, providing meals and community resources, and assisting with medical/surgical needs not covered by other programs.

Baby Car Seats


Offered to Native American families and covered by mini-grants. There are Certified CPS technicians in each clinic. Fitting stations are scheduled quarterly at a MACT clinic. View our upcoming events or ask your NAS Case Worker to find the next Car Seat Fitting near you.


A mini-grant through IHS to provide Bike Helmets to children. Talk to your NAS Case Worker to request a Bike Helmet for your child.

Bicycle Equipment
Driving School


Available to PRC Native American youth between 15-19 years of age, to assist with the cost of driver’s education.


Available to PRC eligible Native Americans 23 years and younger. Must be referred by a MACT Dentist and approved by the MACT Dental Director.

Dental x-ray
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